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About us

The company was founded in 2011 and Electronic Smoke we started the first step with an online store on Facebook. Also a special brand for bases and flavors was done, which has become very popular with many steamers. The advantage of Dark Burner is a high quality standard with the production location Germany.
An advantage of the Facebook platform was that we were able to directly address the whole steamer by groups that target audience without these had to change the platform. But soon we got on facebook to the limits of what is possible when it came to both the shop design there as well as the potential customer.
So it had an alternative forth in order to keep growing and this we found (formerly known as XTC Modified) in the Online Shop Software modified eCommerce Shopping cart software in conjunction with an enterprise resource planning system from another company.
Mid-2014, we decided our online shop or even the brand of our own brand Dark Burner neuzugestalten and revise. To this end, we looked at some shop and enterprise resource planning systems and decided ultimately for the software from JTL-Software GmbH. The advantage here is that both pieces of software (shop and enterprise resource planning) come from a company and you therefore have the best possible cooperation between the two parts.
After the software was thus found it took about 5 months until the opening of the new shop on 01/11/2014. We have not only the categories of products revised, but also the layout somewhat modern design without sacrificing the old style to change very much.
With this new software, offer us rather opportunities to present you the products and at the same time to increase the ease of use for you. For us, facilitates the interaction between the store and WaWi, everyday work and improved this.
Also we could and we can offer you new features in the future, such as our Live Support Chat or just recently our new return portal.
We then moved our office and warehouse to a new location into the new year 2014/2015, which provided us with generous space and we therefore can hold a larger quantity of goods for your orders on stock.
Furthermore, it is envisaged to optimize the area packaging and shipping, and to achieve with the help of tablets and bar code scanners, an even faster to pack your orders.
We are constantly working to optimize our offers and also to revise the product information. Also we feedback from you, our customers, very important and we always try to go into.
A special thanks go to the Dark Burner Facebook fan group, which almost every day gives us feedback in the form of opinions on our products from Dark Burner, but also our shop itself.