From used us in flavors dyes

We only use colorants which are approved for food.

Below is a list to find all that we use colors and an explanation of these.


The name of this dye is Cochenillerot A and is also known as E124.

It is a synthetic, water-soluble azo dye, which has a high light fastness and heat resistance.

This dye is already used in some of these Products for example:

  • Drinking yoghurt strawberry
  • Whipped waffles
  • Mouthwash from the pharmacy (Chlorhexamed Fluid)
  • Throat lozenges
  • Cocktail cherry

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The name of this dye is quinoline yellow and also known as E102.

This is a water-soluble quinoline dye.

This dye is also used for example in beverages, , sweets, desserts, ice cream, chewing gum and avenger fish.

In the EU it is authorized under the directive 94/36/EG and the daily dose (ADI) amount to 10 mg/kg body weight.



The name of this dye is patent blue V and is a triphenylmethane dye.

When this powder is readily soluble in water and ethanol. This results in acid solutions a yellow-green, in basic a blue tint.

his dye and other things used in Smarties and Blue Curacao liqueur or together with quinoline yellow in "Woodruff" - beverages.

Source: Encyclopedia on (German) -



Yellow Orange S is the name of a dye, which is also known as E110 on labels.

It is an artificial acid- and light fast food dye from the class of azo dyes.

He finds preferred use in processed foods such as citrus fruits yogurt or in yellow cheeses.

Other types of use are:

  • Candy sprinkles (Schwartauer Werke - German Company)
  • Medicaments
  • Salmon Substitute

Source: Encyclopedia on (German) -



The green dye is a combination of Patent Blue V (E131) und quinoline yellow (E102).